My name is Emilio Kyriakakis and i present to you the embroidery.gr.

Established in 1960 by Paschalia Kyriakakis, which decided to create a "Μachine-Μade Εmbroidery", whose main activity is the production and sale (wholesale and retail) machine-made Embroidery in marriage and baptism handkerchiefs, which were in vogue. Passing the years, passed and the fashion of embroidered handkerchiefs, so the firm begins to embroiders, mainly children and women's or men's clothes.

In 1992 I decided to join and to keep the firm, which my mother had kept until then, with great effort. So, I had always the appeal in the design and of course after my similar studies, the company is expanding as "Machine-Made Embroidery Designs" and "Programs for Embroidery Machines".

In 1997 founded the e-milles creations (pronounced in French and translates to "Electronic Thousand Creations"), a purely Greek Technological Company offers:

  • Design & Development Programs for PC
  • Web Design Services
  • Domain Name Registration Services
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Development of Intranet, Internet & Multimedia Programs
  • Telematic Applications
  • Security Applications & Services
  • Design & Manufacturing IT Machinery
  • Electronic Equipment Wholesaling
  • Services Planning & Construction Services Structured Cabling
  • Corporate Identity Design Services
  • Identification Services Product Design & Packaging
  • Industrial Product Design Services
  • Offset Printing Services
  • Digital Printing Services
  • Design & Printing Services for Serigraphy
  • Print Services for Magazines
  • Technical Support Services
  • Training Services

In 1998 incorporates in its activities the "Design Programs & Machine-made Embroideries Production".


Our Services, from paper to Textile

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